Fibroids- A Dangerous Adversary Or Benign Being?

It has been estimated that 2 out of 3 Australian women have uterine fibroids during some stage in their normal life. This hits more frequently when you have reached the third decade of the life or even the fourth. Once the female is approaching menopause, however, fibroids tend to shrink and be of less significance to female health issues.

>What are fibroids?

Fibroids are thought of as “balls” or a collection of fibers, growing in the wall of the womb or inside it. Up to today, scientists haven’t found an exact reason behind the occurrence of fibroids. However wrong food habits, genetic make-up, stress like mental reasons are cited. They are considered as “benign” or non-cancerous growths; the dangerous part is that fibroids often don’t have symptoms. Usually heavy bleeding during menstruation and irregular menstruation cycles are associated with it. Another risky factor is many women have the tendency to get it again and again even after removal. This is why it is always advised to meet a gynaecologist when you face situations where you can’t make it to work or school on the day of your periods. Prolonged days of the same can also be a symptom of fibroids.

Existence in your womb

Even though this is thought of as benign tumors and non-cancerous, it can be harmful in many ways. A single woman can have one or more fibroids. It is not unusual to hear about seven or ten, at a time. They can differ in size, from 1 cm to even 20 cm in diameter. They absorb nutrients from the blood and make you bleed excessively during menstruation that you will end up with being anemic, that is having a low hemoglobin count. This can lead to sleepiness, lethargy and general unwillingness to do anything. Apart from these effects, fibroids can affect pregnancy. If the tumor in the wall or exactly in the cavity of the uterus, it can obstruct the conceiving. Once a fetus is formed, it can also obstruct nutrients going to the baby and rather take it for themselves.


Again, since an actual reason behind this is not yet found out, what to do exactly is not clear. However, in general, eating right and leading a healthy life can make fibroids, as well as many other ailments to not to bother you. If you are married and hoping to have a bay but still no luck, it may be due to fibroids but it may be due to many other reasons also. You can meet an obstetrician Sydney to find out the exact reasons. Surgery is optional; if the tumors are totally hindering your ability of having a baby then they can be removed via surgery. However, rather than cutting the abdomen open, now advanced methods such as laparoscopic myomectomy is available during which, very small incisions let a camera goin and the doctor does the task watching that video rather than cutting open. Your health is very important; health is wealth! So check today to see if you are a victim of these benign tumors.