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We are providing different types of better industrial tool supplies that are ideal for automotive and factory and these tools necessary for workers. As we are manufacturing automotive and industrial supplies with best quality made from imported material and in the consideration of top level engineers so our customers can avail the benefit of their cost for purchasing of any types of equipment from us. Our all products have very long life and remain effective more than other products available in market at very cheap prices. Our prices are also not too much if you compare with local made products. Tools for automotive and industrial use are also available at our online shop with wide range deliverable at your doorstep. 


Rusted item can easily be cleaned with Bristle Blaster. It is easy to use and cost effective to remove rust from almost all kinds of surface as is has a unique patented technology and famous worldwide. It the hand held tool which can clean the rust from the surface like a heavy duty machine, definitely it is cost saving for you and your budget remains in the limit.

A range of Monti Bristle Blaster and accessories is available waiting for your selection if you need some more information so you are always welcome to contact us at our store.

Some features of Bristle Blaster.

Ideal for removing Corrosion & rust.

Grit free (you don’t have to mess with dirt with for cleaning).

Can be operated in explosive atmosphere.

First choice for gas industry and mining.

No hazardous materials would be produced as it is eco-friendly.

For detail features you may see the Brochure of Bristle Blaster at our website.

Different types hand Bahco tools like adjustable wrench which is helpful to perform small work such as installing nuts and bolts. Screw drivers, spanner sets, file, hand rivet tool, bahco knife, plier sets and many more hand tools are available at our shop with very reasonable price along with delivery facility.

We are also selling other products of different well-known brands so you’ll be able to find your desired product at our online shop. We are delivering free of cost if your order is up-to or more than $200. You will receive you order with fresh look and if any damage found it will be replaced on the spot. We are delivering all products as same as shown to you at our website. Wolf Chester is also becoming a good brand of automotive and industrial supplies.

Our online support team is always ready to guide you for finding a perfect item for you. We have experienced and qualified team for your guidance.